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The FileType list contains an enumeration of valid string constant values representing file types for dataset files.

  • CELLS_JSON: The cells.json file type.

  • MOLECULES_JSON: The molecules.json file type.

  • NEIGHBORHOODS_JSON: The neighborhoods.json file type.

  • RASTER_JSON: The raster.json file type.

  • CELL_SETS_JSON: The cell-sets.json file type.

  • CLUSTERS_JSON: The clusters.json file type.

  • EXPRESSION_MATRIX_ZARR: The expression-matrix.zarr file type.




An object of class list of length 11.


base_url <- "http://localhost:8000/"
vc <- VitessceConfig$new("My config")
dataset <- vc$add_dataset("My dataset")$add_file(
  url = paste0(base_url, "cells.json"),
  data_type = DataType$CELLS,
  file_type = FileType$CELLS_JSON