Export data to local files

1. Import dependencies

We need to import the classes and functions that we will be using from the corresponding packages.

[ ]:
import os
import json
from urllib.parse import quote_plus
from os.path import join
from urllib.request import urlretrieve
from anndata import read_h5ad
import scanpy as sc

from vitessce import (
    Component as cm,
    CoordinationType as ct,

2. Download and process data

For this example, we need to download a dataset from the COVID-19 Cell Atlas https://www.covid19cellatlas.org/index.healthy.html#habib17.

[ ]:
os.makedirs("data", exist_ok=True)
adata_filepath = join("data", "habib17.processed.h5ad")
urlretrieve('https://covid19.cog.sanger.ac.uk/habib17.processed.h5ad', adata_filepath)

top_dispersion = adata.var["dispersions_norm"][
        key=lambda k: adata.var["dispersions_norm"][k],
adata.var["top_highly_variable"] = (
    adata.var["dispersions_norm"] > top_dispersion

3. Create the Vitessce configuration

Set up the configuration by adding the views and datasets of interest.

[ ]:
vc = VitessceConfig(name='Habib et al', description='COVID-19 Healthy Donor Brain')
dataset = vc.add_dataset(name='Brain').add_object(AnnDataWrapper(
        cell_set_obs_names=["Cell Type"],
scatterplot = vc.add_view(dataset, cm.SCATTERPLOT, mapping="X_umap")
cell_sets = vc.add_view(dataset, cm.CELL_SETS)
genes = vc.add_view(dataset, cm.GENES)
heatmap = vc.add_view(dataset, cm.HEATMAP)
vc.layout((scatterplot | (cell_sets / genes)) / heatmap);

4. Export files to a local directory

The .export(to='files') method on the view config instance will export files to the specified directory out_dir. The base_url parameter is required so that the file URLs in the view config point to the location where you ultimately intend to serve the files.

[ ]:
config_dict = vc.export(to='files', base_url='http://localhost:3000', out_dir='./test')

5. Serve the files

Now that the files have been saved to the ./test directory, they can be served by any static web server.

If you would like to serve the files locally, we recommend http-server which can be installed with NPM or Homebrew:

cd test
http-server ./ --cors -p 3000

6. View on vitessce.io

The returned view config dict can be converted to a URL, and if the files are served on the internet (rather than locally), this URL can be used to share the interactive visualizations with colleagues.

[ ]:
vitessce_url = "http://vitessce.io/?url=data:," + quote_plus(json.dumps(config_dict))
import webbrowser